​Wood Fencing

​Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has long been the most loved way for homeowners to mark the boundaries of their property and wood is an affordable and versatile material that does its job and looks great. There are so many designs of wooden fencing however that the it can be confusing when it comes to trying to decide on a particular style for your property. So call Master Fencing Wilmington NC and we will help walk you through the different considerations of form and function that will fix the requirements of your fence and once we’ve settled its functional needs we can show you the different forms that will do that job and look fantastic for you.

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Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a byword for homeliness and its regular vertical stakes pretty much encapsulate a certain sense of pride in the American home. There are more types of picket fencing than just the classic white stake version however, and that includes custom designs with natural branch style pickets as well as more ornate carved pickets. Come talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC and we will be happy to show you a full catalog of picket fencing and talk about the pros and cons of each one.
While picket fencing is perfect for cottages and suburban homes there are other styles that speak to a different vision of America. Split rail is an absolute classic for ranch style homes, property with horses, or simply properties looking for a more rugged ranch style look. Vertical posts are placed every six to eight foot along the border of a property, with timber rails stretching horizontally between them. Where there are issues of keeping domestic animals in, or wild animals out it is easy to combine split rail with wire mesh for protection. Let Master Fencing Wilmington NC explain the range of options available.
The classic. A rustic look and a very popular design with great privacy attributes and is perfect for keeping your domestic pets inside. Stockade fencing can easily be combined with other styles of fencing, for example having solid, rugged stockade fencing around the back and sides of your property and a more ornate or inviting style at the front to welcome guests. Redwood, cedar, and spruce are popular choices for solid stockades that keep out unwanted visitors and prying eyes while holding off the North Carolina weather for years.
Similar in look to a stockade fence a dog ear fence is a style of picket fence where there is no space between the pickets (although small spaces may be recommended to let wind pass through). It can be made of pressure treated wood to better resist insects and rot and still looks natural and slightly less forbidding than a true stockade fence. Dog ear fencing is quick for Master Fencing Wilmington NC to install, economical to buy, and strong and long lasting by design which is why the style remains so popular throughout the USA.