​​Vinyl Fencing​

​​Vinyl Fencing​

If the word ‘vinyl’ makes you think of cheap plastic then think again.  Vinyl and PVC fencing products have evolved over the years and the range of vinyl options for your home is now staggering.  Nor do they look anything like the cheap plastic you may imagine.  Vinyl fences can look so much like genuine wood that you have to walk over and touch them to know otherwise.  The manufacturing process means that there are so many varieties of vinyl panel and designs that many vinyl fence materials have genuine good looks of their own.  Talk to the fence experts at Master Fencing Wilmington NC and we will be happy to show you a catalog of the different looks of vinyl fencing.

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Vinyl is about five times stronger than wood and is flexible by nature which makes it an exceedingly tough fencing material that isn’t going to give way. That makes it perfect for boundaries where people or animals tend to lean on the fence occasionally. Vinyl doesn’t absorb water so it won’t swell and rot or crack and its toughness means that it can withstand whatever the weather throws at it. That makes it perfect for more exposed properties or for fences that are near pools or sprinkler systems.
Vinyl can’t rot, doesn’t shrink or expand with cold and heat, or soak up water and swell. It doesn’t ever need to be sanded down and resealed or repainted and termites and other insects simply can’t do anything to it. Which means that maintenance is low or zero. As long as your vinyl fencing is installed by the professionals at Master Fencing Wilmington NC you can look forward to years of maintenance free fencing. If they do need a clean then a simple hose or pressure washer can be turned on them without fears of it causing damage as there might be with wood alternatives. Some vinyl panels are so long lasting that the makers actually offer lifetime guarantees so talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC now about tough vinyl solutions for hardworking fencing.
Although it obviously depends on the design you choose a vinyl fence is usually cheaper than any wood alternative and considerably cheaper than iron. Rapid installation brings down that cost as well and the fact that it is nearly zero maintenance means that you can save money long term since you will never have to pay for it to be sealed or repainted. If vinyl does need repair the answer is typically to simply remove the damaged panel and replace it with another identical one which makes repairs cheap and simple too.
Vinyl comes in all shapes and sizes including privacy fences, picket fences, post and rail fencing, and ornate trellis work plus any combination of those types. Which means that a vinyl fence from Master Fencing Wilmington NC can offer you all the benefits of the material described above and yet come in any look you like. Let us show you a catalog of vinyl fencing ideas to fire your imagination.