Privacy Fencing​​

Privacy Fencing​​

A privacy fence has no large gaps between the slats or pickets so that neighbors and passers by don’t see into your property. It should be chosen for height depending on whether passers by are walking by the property itself, in which case it needs to be around head height, or whether it is simply to protect from onlookers in cars in which case it may not need to be so tall.  Even allowing for those requirements however you have a massive choice of privacy fences in different materials that enable you to keep out prying eyes without appearing too foreboding or brutal.  Privacy fencing can be in vinyl, aluminum, or wood which means that the look and feel can be pretty much whatever you like to fit in with the style of your home or  your neighborhood.  Talk to  Master Fencing Wilmington NC today about choosing a fence to close off your home to prying eyes without making it off putting for family and friends.

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Stockade Fencing

Stockade fencing really does have that fortress feel to it and frankly it wouldn’t look out of place if you had a couple of minutemen manning the ramparts.  That can seem a bit daunting in the wrong context but where a rustic and rugged look is appropriate then stockade fencing absolutely does the job with the added benefit of keeping in even the most enthusiastic of dogs.

You’re probably thinking low white pickets at this point – the visual shorthand for a happy home, but if the pickets are placed closely together and topped with trellis you can have an effective privacy fence that still manages to look friendly. Which is a great way of keeping in with the neighbors while creating a mutually beneficial privacy barrier.
Board on board fences have the advantage that they look great from both sides of the fence. A central rail has boards on each side alternating which give the appearance of a solid fence from front on. This is often popular in front yards where you don’t want people to look in but plan on spending time in the yard yourself and don’t want to be looking at the back of the fence. At Master Fencing Wilmington NC we have also found board on board to be a good idea where there is a shared fence between two properties since it looks identical from either side of the boundary. At Master Fencing Wilmington NC we really know what they mean when they say ‘good fences make good neighbors’ and you can rely on us to make both.
Wood is probably the preferred material for privacy fences because it looks great, is affordable even when head height, and has great sound deadening characteristics but it is not the only option. Master Fencing Wilmington NC can also offer you vinyl or PVC fences that perform the same job with different looks and zero maintenance. Talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC now and let us dazzle you with choice.