​​Farm Fencing

​​Farm Fencing

At Master Fencing Wilmington NC we understand farm fencing and now that it has a job to do.  That doesn’t mean it can’t look every bit as good as home fencing, but simply that the first item on the agenda when deciding what kind of fencing has to be a consideration of just what the fencing is for and how best to ensure that it delivers on those demands. Farm fencing isn’t just one thing – any farm will need different types of fencing for different types of tasks starting with the fact that some fencing is about keeping things in and some is about keeping things out.  So talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC about what you want your fencing to do.

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Wire Field Fence

The classic wire fence with a vertical and horizontal pattern of criss-crossing wire strands, typically forming two, three, or four inch squares. There are many gauges of wire that are suitable for wire fencing, but at Master Fencing Wilmington NC we usually recommend that, depending on the intended use, the wire gauge for the top and bottom of the fence is a bit heavier. If the fence is likely to be tested by heavier animals like hogs or cattle then the wire joints should be crimped for extra strength to allow for animals that like to lean in on fencing.
Some fencing is all about keeping animals out and in particular deer that may look very pretty but have a voracious appetite for sprouts and shoots and can easily strip small trees and crops. Deer fencing is normally all about protecting fields or gardens from wildlife and Master Fencing Wilmington NC are happy to recommend the gauge of wire required depending on the kind of wildlife that’s likely to be encountered.

The classic electric fence consists of just a few horizontal wires with an electric current that pulses through them and helps prevent farm animals from testing the fence or making a break for it.  In some cases though a more thorough approach is needed to stop wild animals trying to get in the other way, especially when protecting poultry. In that case a classic wire mesh fence may be the answer and the mesh is then electrified.  Where the fence is close to your home talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC about ways of combining electrified fencing with decorative fencing so that you get the protective benefits of electric wire but hidden or blended into more attractive styles.

Horses will rub themselves on fencing and so it’s important that the fencing is smooth to avoid catching on their hides and damaging your precious animals. To do that Master Fencing Wilmington NC can create a horse fence with mesh that is crimped for strength, smooth on both sides, and patterned in a V mesh to stop animals climbing up it. Talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC about the size and number of your horses in order for us to select the right strength and gauge of wire for you.