​Chain Link Fencing​

​Chain Link Fencing​

Chain link fencing is the classic security fencing for any property where the fence is there to do the job of keeping out intruders. Most chain link fencing is all about making it clear that there is no access via this route and that’s why it is the number one choice for everything from parking lots to secure facilities.  It also has the benefit of being arguably the best fencing type in high wind locations and let’s not forget it doubles as a handy way of keeping basketballs on the court.

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Security is the number one reason for choosing chain link fencing and when your chain link fencing is installed by Master Fencing Wilmington NC you can be sure it will be tough enough for the job. The chain link itself is a mass produced product of linked wires in a zig zag pattern that are woven to link into each other producing a really tough mesh but the real strength of that mesh is lost if the fence is badly installed. The terminal posts of any chain link fence should be set into concrete for strength and rigidity to give tension to the mesh but often the vertical posts in between are merely set into the ground. If you’re looking for real security Master Fencing Wilmington NC will set all those posts into concrete anchors in the ground resulting in a rigid chin link fence that won’t bulge or sag and making it even tougher to climb.
Chain link mesh comes in anything from three to twelve foot sizes so you can choose your fence height. Obviously the higher the better for security and the message it sends out. There is also variation in the size of the mesh itself including the square measurement of the ‘hole’ in the pattern. Different grades of wire can also be used so while the standard two inch square pattern in grade eleven but at Master Fencing Wilmington NC we can install a heavy nine grade steel if you prefer. Talk to us today about your options.
Chain link is typically made with galvanized steel wire but it can be coated to extend its life and reduce maintenance. Zinc coating prevents oxidization and therefore rusting but there are also more friendly looking coatings for residential fencing. Polyester or PVC is bonded to the wire mesh giving it a smooth feel with less of that Federal Penitentiary feel. Master Fencing Wilmington NC can tell you more about balancing the security of chain link with the look that suits your property and its surrounds.
Those polyester and PVC bonded coatings also come in a variety of colors with black, brown, and green being the most popular colors. Not all colored chain link is the same however since the heavier the covering the longer it lasts. In our experience at Master Fencing Wilmington NC it’s also the case that polyester, while more affordable than PVC, doesn’t last as long in heavy wear conditions. Talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC about what’s right for you.