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​Master Fencing Wilmington NC are the fencing specialists for all types of fencing in Wilmington, North Carolina. We install and maintain fabulous fences made from wood, vinyl, PVC, and aluminum with each one carefully chosen and in some cases specially treated to better withstand the weather of the Port City and the unique atmosphere of coastal Carolina. That means that our fencing can be trusted to stand up to whatever comes its way. We are experts in everything from traditional wooden picket fencing to designer urban metal barrier fences so no matter what kind of look your are aiming for we know how to provide it and how to to choose the materials to guarantee you the best value, the greatest security, the longest life, and minimal maintenance. Because once you’ve chosen a fence you ideally want it to just get on with looking good and doing its job without you ever having to think about it again. To do that though we need to know a little more about you and your property including its exposure, the security concerns, how near the fence will be to water, whether there is wind to allow for, and what kind of animals you are expecting to keep in, or out. Reach out to us for an in depth discussion about what fencing will be best for you.
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