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Welcome to Master Fencing Wilmington NC – the fencing experts in the Port City area of North Carolina. We craft fences that look fantastic and are guaranteed to last over the decades to come and to do that we are experts in woods, compressed woods, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, and stainless steel chain link mesh. We can mix and match different components and styles to create any style you want to and we do so taking into account the unique conditions of this coastal area and ensuring that our materials are selected to withstand them. When our fence company installs or replaces your fencing you can be confident that it will look great and carry on looking great and working hard for a lifetime to come.

About Us

We are more than your traditional fence company. We are experts in the whole range of modern fencing options from good old wood picket and stockade styles to modern vinyl, aluminum, and chain link security fences, privacy fences, and decorative fences. From securing institutions to creating elegant lattice work for planters Master Fencing Wilmington NC provides all types of fencing for all types of needs so talk to us now about what Master Fencing Wilmington NC can do for you and your property.

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Our Services

Master Fencing Wilmington NC provides fencing for all needs including privacy for homes, security for commerce and parking lots, animal fencing to keep livestock safe, and of course beautiful design ornate fencing to put that finishing touch on your property. There’s not much we don’t do in wood, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, and steel chain link so if it’s fencing you’re after, and no matter what kind, then we have the service to make you happy. These are just a few of our most in demand services but we know that every customer is special so if you want to call us or call by to discuss your needs and plans we will be more than happy to run through our back catalogs of work done for satisfied customers and design a custom fencing solution for you.


​Aluminum Fencing

Five times stronger than wood, and impervious to rust aluminum is the super material for fencing and can be strengthened to the point where it will withstand any likely force on it. That makes it idea for secure fencing around water or pools where your family’s safety depends on it. To deter intruders it can be fitted out with spikes and aluminum components are so varied and the material itself so strong that it is the perfect material to deal with complex terrains and steep grades. Combined with our powdered coatings for colors and gloss, mat, or satin effects aluminum could be the dream fencing material for you.

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​Vinyl Fencing

Thinking cheap plastic? Think again. Modern vinyl fencing is all but indistinguishable from wood but will not soak up water so it can’t go soft, rot, or crack if it’s subjected to weather or is constantly wet from sprinklers or poolside exposure. It comes in colors and styles you won’t believe, is pretty much zero maintenance and is affordable and very quick to install.

“Master Fencing Wilmington NC replaced our rotting wood fence with an identical looking vinyl fence that was really affordable, maintenance free, and guaranteed for life.” – Brad E.

​​Privacy Fencing

Good fences make good neighbors’ goes the saying and that’s a saying we live by. You might want discrete privacy fencing with subtle trellis features at the top to guarantee your privacy while not looking off putting for your neighbors. You might want serious stockade style privacy including noise reduction for a property facing a busy road. You might even want an elegant shared solution with neighbors. Whatever it is we can help you plan the height, design, look and perfect material for perfect privacy in your home.
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​Chainlink Fencing

You don’t have to operate a correctional facility or a parking lot to benefit from chain link fencing. The world leader in secure fencing, modern chain link means peace of mind particularly if it is properly installed with solid concrete ground anchors from Master Fencing Wilmington NC. Modern chain link can also come in a variety of colors for a more friendly look which could be just what you want around that basketball court.

“This fence company created a text book white picket fence for our front yard just like you see in the movies and just like we always dreamed of.  I find myself looking out for it from the moment we turn into the street on our way home and it never fails to put a smile on my face.” – Candace B.

​Wood Fencing

Wood. Tried, trusted, and loved for generations. Wood styles such as the traditional picket fence, the sturdy stockade, and dozens of variations of dog eared fence or rail fences have graced American homes for centuries and with good reason. Let Master Fencing Wilmington NC talk you through the range of traditional wooden styles and help you select from favorites like spruce, cedar, or the practicality of compressed wood to ensure minimal maintenance and long life for your fence.
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Farm fence

​Farm Fencing

If you’re lucky enough to have a farm or ranch you’re probably thinking of fencing more from the point of view of function than form. Well here’s the good news. Master Fencing Wilmington NC can provide farm fencing that does both. Let us know what livestock you need to keep in, and what kind of wildlife you are worried about keeping out and we will fix you up with fences that do both while looking great. Master Fencing Wilmington NC are specialists in rustic looking ranch fences that keep all things four legged just where you want them while making the two legged ones happy with their looks. Call us now and find out more.

“They put in a chain link fencing for our parking lot and we have never been happier.  They explained to us the importance of full concrete and iron fixings not just at terminal posts but around the perimeter and the result is perfect.” – Dale S.

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​We don’t give you a quote until we’ve had an in depth discussion with you to ensure that you are one hundred per cent satisfied with our fences and will still be one hundred per cent satisfied decades from now. So give us a call and let’s get talking about what fencing will be best for you